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Video Gallery

Please find a below a collection of videos demonstrating some of the unique features of the Mobotix Range. This collection may be made up of videos from our friend Simon Hall at MxInstaller Magazine, Mobotix HQ, and some other clever Mobotix resellers.

Planning A Security Camera System.

Planning a security camera system that protects people, secures assets and increases productivity requires a specific process that has, for the first time, been simplified into 7 easy to follow steps. This is a planning guide even the most non-technical person can follow.

MOBOTIX Outdoor Camera Range.

Showcasing the 8 cameras in the Mobotix Outdoor, weather-proof range. When looking for an outdoor camera, ensure it has a minimum Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 65.

MOBOTIX Hemispheric Tutorial:

Understanding Mobotix’s revolutionary Hemispheric Video Technology.

Mobotix Hemispheric Q25 Camera.

See Mobotix’s revolutionary Hemispheric technology at work in the back of a truck.

MxAnalytics Demo Clip.

This video demonstrates the incredible power of Mobotix’s Activity Sensor analytics and it’s ability to differentiate between general movement in a scene, and actual vehicles and people.

Incredible Sensor Technology.

This video demonstrates how well Mobotix’s sensors handle adverse changing lighting conditions. Thanks to our friends at Logical Services.

Thermal Detection – Industrial.

See how useful a Mobotix camera with thermal sensor can be in an industrial situation.

Thermal Detection – Smoker.

This video demonstrates the accuracy that can be obtained from Mobotix’s thermal sensors. Smoker detection, with audible warnings, is just one example of their abilities.


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