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CXI’s Access Control solutions, via trusted and recognised equipment manufacturers, offer extensive capabilities as you would expect from a state-of-the art enterprise level access control system.

Access control will provide a level of security allowing for the segregation between the general public and authorised personnel as well as providing tiered security management levels between areas of low, medium and high security.
Access controlled devices are programmed to reflect specific operational requirements on a door by door basis and can be configured to have a dual functionality capabilities of restricting access, as well as alarm management purposes.
There are multiple devices available for this purpose ranging from the standard Keypad entry to Proximity and Smart Card Readers, to high security devices such as Biometric Finger Scan and Retina Scan devices.

Access Control can also be fully integrated into CCTV systems utilising visual verification, or even
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)


  • Manage your system from one or many locations
  • Manage your employee’s access across all your locations
  • Easily assign or suspend access cards or fobs for your employees
  • Temporarily elevate or reduce access privileges and times
  • Manage access for doors, elevators, car parks and vehicles
  • Assign high security dual user access or anti pass back policies
  • Receive and escalate alarms for access security violations
  • Use the event log to verify and report on all access events and violations
  • Manage and enforce site risk and; OH&S policies
  • Manage emergencies with site lockdowns and alert communications