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The implementation of any alarm management solution is paramount in protecting your property, inventory and possessions.

CXI’s alarm detection solutions are tailored to reflect operational requirements consisting of various alarm detection devices to alert staff of a wide range of security breaches, including environmental alarms, unauthorised entry alarms, system faults and the pre-warning of possible breaches.

Alarm management also assists in providing all employees and visitors with an acceptable level of environmental, health and safety. The protection of individuals and assets is regarded as a priority and forms a large basis of any design brief.

CXI recognises that every client is unique and we cater to your security needs and budget regardless whether you are a small retailer or Government Department. We will ensure that your individualised security needs are met and we will not attempt to sell you an off the shelf package that would not provide your business and assets with the protection that they deserve.

Your alarm system summons assistance if the system detects motion, the unauthorised opening or forced opening of doors or windows, glass breakages, smoke or gas detection and hold-up buttons.

The detection equipment include:

  • Passive Infra-Red (PIR) which detects motion within the premises when the alarm is activated. This type of detection device has been the most successful and economical.
  • Motion and Temperature Detectors which recognise both movement and temperature change.
  • Reed Switches which are magnetic switches used to detect the opening of doors and windows and are highly effective in providing external boundary protection.
  • Duress Alarms which are used to trigger the alarm system in the event of a hold up or emergency situation.
  • Glass breaks which detect the breaking of glass.
  • Vibration Sensors which not only recognises glass breakages but can detect the forcing of doors and windows.
  • Smoke Detectors which are used to detect the presence of smoke particles in the air.
    Back to base monitoring is the key reporting link in electronic security. If it your alarm system can sense it, then it can be detected, and if it can be detected then it can be reported.