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CXI’s Grade 1 security control room will respond to all alarm activations generated from the standalone security, integrated security and closed circuit television systems. The control room will action all alarms as per the pre-defined alarm response procedures issued by the client, including the management of environmental services and associated contractors. Included in this service is the management and despatch of security guards to attend site to complete a security inspection as well as 24 hour static guards deployed to manage the entry and exit of goods and individuals to site.


CXI can offer the most innovative IP monitoring and surveillance service in Australia, and the most valuable investment you will make for your business

High-Res Video Alarm Verification using MOBOTIX cameras can detect activity via: Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) in MOBOTIX cameras, Audio Alarm Detection, & Video Motion Analysis.

– Monitors decibel thresholds Video Motion Zones

– Monitor strategic areas within the camera view Event Logic Processing

– Uses logic to combine any of the above detection methods to detect directional motion When an alarm is received, the monitoring centre immediately sees the camera scene at which the alarm occurred, allowing for instant alarm verification. The high-resolution video verification is a cost-effective way of reducing the actioning of false alarms, while providing a prompt response to real alarm events.

Virtual Patrols can also be carried out by the Control Room operators.